Full Service Interior Design
From Start To Finnish

The interior design process for building or renovating a home is complex. From architectural details to cabinetry, tile, and countertops, everything we do is individual. After the build wraps-up it is time to furnish and add the details that make it truly yours. Or perhaps it is your current space reimagined… Eclectic and comfortable or clean and polished, our proficiency will deliver a space that feels ‘just like home’.

Bld. Co

We start at the beginning! As experts in design, BLd Co can prepare plans for your large-scale remodel or new home build. From initial ideation through final build plans, we work with you to create a truly bespoke experience. Using BLd Co from the very beginning allows for easy integration with Brick + Linen interior design for construction finish selections and Brick + Linen styling to complete the personality with furniture, fixtures and accessories.

Working with Builders

We collaborate with custom home builders to bring projects to completion by advising and selecting the finest finishes. Supporting builders by picking up plans from their architectural end point and making decisions to ensure a unique, personal completed project is our specialty. Construction finishes include, but are not limited to: flooring, tile, countertops, light fixtures, and exterior materials.

Working with Homeowners

We take the infinite choices, stressful guess work, and overwhelm out of the process so your home can feel like home without costing your peace. We protect your investment by helping make guided decisions that excite and inspire while also tailoring design to fit your lifestyle. Our process streamlines decision-making, is organized, exciting, and shall we even say—fun!

The Art of Styling

Furnishing a room or an entire home is an art. With conversation and consideration of investment, we create a personalized design. Every aspect of the process is meticulously overseen. Our specialty is a curated, tailored experience that is unlike any other and will leave your house aligned with your lifestyle.

Welcome Home.

Let’s make it feel like your own.


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